About our product and the person behind the product

Baughman trailers are built individually, by hand, by Rich Baughman and his small crew of skilled
welder fabricators in Layton, UT. Rich’s background is in engineering and these trailers are engineered
and over-built to the max! All trailers are engineer certified. The materials used are as US sourced as
possible, including the aircraft grade 6061-T6. 6061-T6 aluminum properties include its structural
strength and toughness along with its non-corrosive characteristics. The aluminum used varies in
thickness from 3/16 to ¼ inch (no 1/8” found on these trailers) and all channels and tubes are
oversized, which is done to provide you with the toughest, most capable and versatile product on the
market. The axles used are Lippert EZ lube 3500 lb axles attached in a 8 bolt (on single axles) or 12
bolt (on tandem axles) with a robust leaf spring system. Leaf spring axles are used for off road
toughness and ease of readily replaceable inexpensive parts. All welds are wrapped where possible,
stitch welded and crater filled for added strength and toughness and durability.

Trailer Options

- Straight Side or Angle Side with or without rear gate.
- Douglas Fir or Aluminum Decking

A note about angle-side. This is a unique feature that offers the capability to sideload ATV’s and
thereby allowing for more ATV per foot to fit on a trailer and/or an ATV/UTV combination to be
loaded. The angle-side models come in two configurations... One option is with a rear gate and 2
front stowed ramps. The other is with no rear gate and in this option the ramps become the front
and rear end of the trailer and then are removed to load/unload your machines.

Angled Side Trailers

A unique feature offered in the Baughman trailer line up are angled sides which allow you to attach the ramps anywhere along either the side or back of the trailer for easy loading or unloading. By loading ATVs from the side of a trailer you are able to fit more machines on the trailer than if loaded from the rear or allow you the option to load a UTV from the rear and ATV’s from the side, making every bit of space count. 

Straight Side Trailers

The classic, straight-side trailers are perfect for rear-loading, or hauling loads.


All trailers include a spare tire and all angled side (AS) trailers come standard with stake pockets.

Model Length and Included Options Weight Price
BP710AS 10' Angled Sides 580lb $2,690
BP710RG 10' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate 580lb $2,660
BP712AS 12' Angled Sides 700lb $2,990
BP712ASR 12' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate 780lb $3,340
BP712RG 12' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate 700lb $2,960
BP714AS 14' Angled Sides 745lb $3,190
BP714ASR 14' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate 820lb $3,540
BP714AST 14' Angled Sides w/ Tandem Axel 975lb $4,025
BP714RG 14' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate 749lb $3,160
BP714RGT 14' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1040lb $4,155
BP714ASRT 14' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1050lb $4,560
BP716AS 16' Angled Sides, Tandem Axel 1230lb $4,310
BP716ASR 16' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1340lb $4,660
BP716RG 16' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1230lb $4,280
BP718AS 18' Angled Sides, Tandem Axel 1360lb $4,460
BP718ASR 18' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1440lb $4,810
BP718RG 18' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1360lb $4,280
BP720AS 20' Angled Sides, Tandem Axel 1540lb $4,645
BP720ASR 20' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1620lb $4,995
BP720RG 20' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1540lb $4,615
BP722AS 22' Angled Sides, Tandem Axel 1680lb $4,945
BP722ASR 22' Angled Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1760lb $5,295
BP722RG 22' Straight Sides w/ Rear Gate, Tandem Axel 1680lb $4,915

Optional Features

Optional Feature Price
Rear Gate (included with some trailers) +$350
Stake Pockets – 5 per side (included at no additional cost with angled side (AS) trailers.) +$100